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2019 personality of the year awards

Posted by [email protected] on November 19, 2020 at 11:00 PM

Paul's review

Some of you may know this but every year for the past 10 years or so, I have compiled a listing of my favourite "Personalities of the Year" and giving out "awards" to people and friends based on my personal observations from social media postings and from around our music and dance scene. It's nothing too serious and done for just a bit of fun. So once again for this year, here's my 2019 listing of people and friends whom I think have made an impression in our lives ....


Muso of the Year:- "Kid" James Schembri. I first saw this "kid" when he was about 14 years old and playing with Shane Magro Combo. I fell in love with the band and I nominated them to be the band of the year in 2018. I used to jokingly worry that he might be kicked out of public bars after 9 pm being under aged. But Kid James has now become more accomplished as a musician imposing & expressing his music & talent on stage. Well done Kid James!


Dancer of the Year - Philippe Yow. I first came across Philippe about 16 years ago at Linda's Rock n Roll dance classes. My early impression was that he was a bit "unsteady" with his dance moves as is expected from someone beginning to learn to dance. He has since grown as a dancer over the years and is one of the regulars in our rock n roll dance scene. Persistence and love for dancing has paid off for Philippe. He may not be the best dancer on the floor but he's certainly someone who is keen and very supportive of our dance scene. Best of all, he dances with everyone and that is something a lot of men including myself, can learn from him. Well done Philippe!


Romance of the Year - Melanie Karwata & Snedden Thompson. Wow! What a year it has been for these two love birds. Meeting on the dance floor and competing together, they have since got engaged whilst on an overseas holiday in India and very soon, getting hitched for life. There's a real lesson for many of us here that we should not give up hope ....that love is real, and for those who believe, can find happiness sharing your life with someone you truly love, trust & cherish. Good luck Melanie & Snedden and wishing you two all the happiness in the world!


"Romeo" of the Year - Jean De Constant. What more can I say about Jean, our very lovable Frenchman who is also a lover of good wine, food and women. He is a very good man and father and has a very soft heart. He expresses his love openly in social media and in poetry but most of all, on the dance floor. He dances the Tango after all. I too would have been charmed by him and fallen in love with him if I was a woman. Well done Jean!


Relationship Counsellor of the Year - Bernie Brebing. For those of us who have followed Bernie on Facebook throughout the year, he's well known not only in posting the latest videos of the dance gigs he has attended but also regularly posting insightful & helpful thoughts and words on self improvement and about relationships. God knows some of us can do with a little bit more help in improving our self worth and what we should do to find that perfect soul mate in our lives. Good luck to all of us! And well done Bernie!


"Trip Advisor and Flight Centre" Personality of the Year - Mary Lukeis. Are you still here in Australia for Christmas and New Year's celebrations, Mary? Or have you jetted off somewhere again in the UK and Europe for more romantic liaison and music festivals? I have lost count the number of times this year Mary has titillated us with her overseas sojourns. Just imagine the flight points she has gathered for all those trips! You are a very lucky person and best of all you enjoy life through travelling. Well done Mary!


"Starbucks" Coffee Personalities of the Year - Carol Sedgman and Maree Whelan. Both love to exercise and their coffee and regularly show pictures of it on social media. I think they do a better job that most highly paid social media influencers. Anyone else for coffee? Well done Carol & Maree!


Vogue & Review Personality of the Year - Simone Boyle. Hands up who hasn't seen the latest parade of "Review" dresses by Simone? I bet all of us have enjoyed seeing the new Review dresses that Simone wears and regularly posts on Facebook. She looks lovely in those dresses and I too love women who dress well especially in their 1950's style garments. Well done Simone!


And finally, DJ Ashley - Personality with the Most News Headlines. Whether it's about starting another new dance venue or having yet another health scare, one can't help but noticing DJ Ashley is one hell of a guy. He's fiercely determined to succeed and loves the music and dance scene very much. Yes, you got us all worried a few times but thank you Ashley for all the good times. And the VRRDA Hall of Fame is well deserved. Happy New Year Ashley (and Leanne) and my best regards for 2020.

Paul (Jitterbug) copied with permission from Vicrock.com.au


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