History of Rock n Roll Dancing in Melbourne

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Doncaster flash mob 2012

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Rock & Roll Flash Mob Dance 13.11.2012

P T Barnum, the American self publicist and circus owner, is often credited as having said - "all publicity is good publicity". The truth however, as most of us know from regular reading and observations from newspapers, electronic media and other on line channels, is that some publicity in fact do more more harm than good. Notwithstanding, our 1950's style rock & roll scene is relatively small in number and in terms of its profile in Australian popular culture. Therefore any publicity to further promote our music and dancing can only be a very good thing in my view.

Last saturday, a group of about 80 rock & rollers staged a flash mob rock & roll dance at the Doncaster Shopping Centre - see also Joceb's posts in the forum. This was in fact a follow up to the flash mob dance we did at several Melbourne city locations a couple of years ago. The aim as always is to promote our 1950's style rock & roll dance and music (and Vicrock) whilst at the same time having some fun in doing so. And now, it is wonderful to know that Manningham's Leader Community Newspaper (on line version initially) has taken up our cause in publicising this flash mob dance in its reporting. That is priceless publicity for our dance scene and music indeed. We should really be showcasing more of our beloved scene in the local communities, and more publicity in this regard is welcomed.

Jitterbug (Paul Wan)  Copied with permission from Vicrock.com.au

Flash Mob dances

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Flash Mob Dances have been held to publicise rock n roll dancing and also to have a bit of fun.

On 21.3.2010 a city flash mob was held with dancing at Spenser St Station, Bourke St mall, Federation Square and Flinders St Station. Organised by Jocelyn Bloye with 50 dancers joining in and having a fun day.

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In Nov 2012 another flash mob dance was held at Doncaster Shopping Town organised by Jocelyn Bloye with around 80 dancers stunning the shoppers when spontaneous dancing broke out.  The security guards were on to us fairly quickly and the music was shut down after about 6 minutes.  Everyone then went over to the Shopping Town Hotel and danced the afternoon away.

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