History of Rock n Roll Dancing in Melbourne

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VRRDA Dance Championships 2019

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VRRDA Rock 'n' Roll Dance Championships - Victoria's premier event to showcase all that we love about our rock 'n' roll dancing, music & fashion. The VRRDA in Melbourne has been an institution specifically dedicated to promoting our beloved 1950's dancing and music and it has been doing a great job in this regard. Its annual dance championship draws competitors from all over Australia including a strong contingent from Sydney Swing Cats, dancers from Brisbane and in the past also from South Australia, WA and Tasmania. I believe dancers from NZ had also competed in previous years.

The dance competition was also well supported by dance schools including Alley Catz and dance schools from Albury and from different parts of country Victoria. Sponsors for the event came from numerous R&R dance schools including the Lakeside Rockers, Geelong Jukebox Rockers, S'CoolHouse Rock & swing, Johnny's Rockers, Alley Catz, Gippy Rocks and Colac R&R Club. Other sponsors were Rockabilly Babes and Rock n Roll News.

This year's event was held at the St Sava Church Hall in Greensborough. Close to 400 patrons and dancers attended the event. The venue was decorated in party like splendour with ballons etc to suit the occasion. Many came dressed in their 1950's clothing to celebrate our love of the 1950's dance and music scene.

This year the VRRDA inducted Bill & Maree Oldham from Bendigo's Rockin' 50's R&R Club to the Hall of Fame for their long 30 years service in promoting R&R music and dancing. Also inducted into the Hall of fame was Linda Smyth who is a household name when it comes to teaching R&R especially to those who are learning R&R for the first time. Linda has also been teaching R&R for close to 30 years and her style of teaching is unique in that she creates a fun and friendly atmosphere in all her classes. She has been introducing hundreds of new R&R dancers every year and therefore contributing in a great way in supporting our 1950's dance scene and community.

Once again, top level R&R dancing was evident right from the first event featuring about 30 junior dancers till the ultimate feature events which was the Senior State Title and the Adult State Title which incorporate lifts. Dancers from Queensland this year were very successful in winning all the Junior Titles and the Sydney Swing Cats winning Adult State Title. Grant & Maryann Richards again won the Seniors State Title.

Another fantastic achievement by VRRDA in keeping Victoria (and Australia) rockin' to the 1950's sound. The event was, as in previous years, fully booked out. So be early to book your tickets for next year's event if you don't want to miss out. Here are some videos taken during this year's VRRDA R&R Dance Championship......

Paul Wan.  Copied with permission from Vicrock.com.au

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  Adult state title

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 Senior state title

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 Nifty fifties

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   Newcomers event

VRRDA Dance Competition 1993

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Held at Collingwood Town Hall.  Dorothy and Ray in gold outfits.

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VRRDA Adult State Title Perpetual Shield

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VRRDA Championships Adult State Title Holders

Victorian Rock and Roll Dance Association hold the Victorian State championships in May each year.

For full results of all the competitions visit the VRRDA website http://vrrda.org.au/results.html

2019 Aaron O’Neill & Suzie Braumann

2018  Andrew Auditore & Caitlin Hooper

2017 Andrew Auditore & Caitlyn Hooper

2016 Joel Brian & Rebecca Mohr

2015 Jonathon Bell & Elizabeth Stride (NSW)

2014 Jon Hannon & Zoe Hannon

2013 Jon Hannon & Zoe Jones

2012 Jon Hannon & Zoe Jones

2011 Andrew Camp & Kendel Flannagan

2010 Peter Herbert & Jacqueline Morris

2009 Wesley Mitton & Libby Collins

2008 Nathan Massey & Libby Collins

2007 Karl Wendt & Greta Kuddihy

2006 David Liddle & Hayley David

2005 Nathan Massey & Libby Collins

2004 Nathan Massey & Libby Collins

2003 Jon Hannon & Alisha Krieger

2002 Melissa Panettiere & Nathan Firmin

2001 Scott Cupit & Fiona Daff

2000 John Jarman & Heather Jarman

1999 Lindsay Andrews & Glenda Andrews

1998 Barry Slater & Nicky Collings

1997 Sam Davis & Belinda Neumann

1996 Aaron Keenan & Melanie Cochrane

1995 Aaron Keenan & Melanie Cochrane

1994 Aaron Keenan & Melanie Cochrane

1993 Johnny Phung & Leah Clemson

VRRDA Hall of Fame

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VRRDA Hall of Fame

Each year the VRRDA recognises people who've made a significant contribution to rock n roll. The VRRDA Hall of Fame was started in 2014, but there are many others who have been significant over the years.

Hopefully this list will grow with contributions.

For details on each inductee visit the VRRDA website http://vrrda.org.au/inductees.html

Jenny Hartskeerl (Rock and Roll News) - 2014

Jenny started learning rock n roll in 1989 at the Bayswater hotel, then began teaching with Just Rock and also Rock and Soul.  In 1989 she started to compile a list of venues which later became known as the Rock and Roll News.  Jenny also started making petticoats, starting her Dance with Petticoats business in 1989.

Carol and Kevin Ross (Fourmost dance company) - 2014

Kevin started dancing in 1990 and Carol in 1991.  They started teaching in 1996 when they formed Fourmost Dance Company with Nikki and Barry Slater.  Kevin and Carol entered many dance competitions between 1995 and 2003, and then became judges for the VRRDA championships as well as serving on the committee from 2007 - 2010.  They moved to Queensland in 2011.

Heather and John Jarman (Lakeside Rockers) - 2014

Heather and John started dancing in 1993 in Lismore.  In 1995 they started teaching in Sale and for Lakeside Rockers.  In 2000 John became VRRDA president and Heather became a VRRDA judge, doing so until 2009.  John started jusdging in 2005. 

Little Maria (Maria Battaglia - Little Maria's dances) - 2014

Maria's first rock n roll dance was at Petrones in 1997.  She only ever had 1 lesson in her life, with Fourmost in 1997. She danced as much as she could and was self taught.  Maria started helping Adrian Spadaro run his rock n roll dances and eventually took over running the fortnightly Friday night dance in 2000.  Little Maria's dances at the Whitehorse Club became one of the most popular dances in Melbourne, and everyone was treated as a special friend by Little Maria. Her crazy outfits, Minnie Mouse decorations and theme dress up nights were legendary. The dances ran for 13 years until Dec 2013 when Maria gave it away.

2014 inductees

Mel Hogan (Vicrock website)- VRRDA Hall of Fame 2015

Mel, a quiet, unassuming, almost invisible member of the Rock’n’Roll dance community, has made an enormous contribution by providing us with the VicRock website. The web site www.vicrock.com.au has continued to provide Rock’n’Roll dancers with up to date information since its launch in 2002. Mel is the site’s creator and web master. It may be that Vic Rock was the world’s first Rock’n’Roll dance focused web site. It certainly can be argued that, both in Australia and internationally, it is possibly one of the best, if not The Best. The gig guide is a particularly useful asset. Mel has arranged the site so that there is plenty of opportunities for registered members to play an active role; to contribute information, to list on the gig guide and to interact with other members. This interaction has really helped to build the feeling of community between dancers. Mel is noted for his integrity and discretion. Unlike some other web operations which harvest user details for resale, the details of registered VicRock members are sacrosanct.

Barbara Mitchell (Geelong Juke Box Rockers) - VRRDA Hall of Fame 2015

Geelong Juke Box Rockers began operations on 28 June 1998. Barbara was one of the main instigators in the creation of this highly successful, community based Rock’n’Roll dance club. Barbara served as the club’s President for 14 ½ years. She still plays a particularly active role in the organization of the club’s regular calendar of monthly dances, the weekly social nights and the weekly dance class nights. Barbara is involved in the club’s annual charity fund raiser dance. She is also deeply involved with the annual three day summer festival. Barbara is renowned for her warm personality and her generous spirit. She has encouraged families & young people to be active club members and she seeks out opportunities for the club to perform charity dancing demonstrations. On top of all this Barbara served on the VRRDA committee for three years.

Greg and Wendy Gilbert (S'coolhouse Rock) - 2016

In the early days, Greg and Wendy danced rock’n’roll as teenagers at the traditional Saturday night dances in Gippsland, in the local hall. Wendy’s first rock’n’roll lessons were taught in Sale by a visiting teacher from Starr ballroom, and then later, John and Heather Jarman began their Lakeside classes, making rock’n’roll so much more accessible.

Greg and Wendy began dancing together as a couple in 1997, married in 1998, and in the same year, started teaching under the name of S’Coolhouse Rock & Swing in country Victoria. And so they began teaching in Heyfield, a timber town in the foothills where ‘men don’t dance’. It proved quite a challenge to say the least! But the classes grew and they eventually started a second class in Maffra.

After training teachers to take over their classes, they moved to Perth in 2001. They worked for 4 years in Perth, taught classes 4 nights a week, and performed in corporate groups. They helped establish Summersun: a rock’n’roll festival held in Perth, and also travelled interstate to teach workshops at Wintersun, and in WA, Tas, NSW and Victoria.

Greg and Wendy were also instrumental in establishing the first Rock & Roll club in Launceston, Tasmania, called the Retro Rockers. They also developed a program for training dance teachers, which they put into place in Victoria, NSW, WA and Tasmania.

Did you know that Wendy was the first agent for Gorgeous, and sold shoes and merchandise for 15 years? In fact, I bought my first pair of Aris Allen swing shoes from Wendy several years ago.

They had several TV appearances in Perth including backing the weather on Channel 9 and promoting dancing on TV with appearances on Channel 21, and have been involved in many fund raising activities, including the Royal Perth Hospital appeal.

They have danced and entertained crowds at school fairs and community festivals, elderly citizens homes, hospitals, corporate functions, and have delivered many workshops to teachers and students alike. Wendy regularly teaches disabled adults, and has taught classes at the National Conference for the Disabled in Geelong.

Greg and Wendy started competing in the late 1990s, back in the days when you had to qualify for the Vic State Championships at one of the heats held around the state. This was a major logistical operation for them as they still had four of their six children at home and had to take the kids with them. It was so much easier when a heat was held in Sale. It was also easier when their daughter Grace, began to compete in the under 12 division from the age of 6. She and Zoe Hannon competed together for several years and were VRRDA Junior Champions every year of their competition.

Greg and Wendy competed successfully in Victoria and at Wintersun, and have trained other dancers for competitions in WA and Victoria, including junior divisions and teams. They have both been regular guest judges at the Victorian State Championships over many years, and are a delight to watch when they hit the dance floor.

Wendy has been a choreographer for local theatre and school productions, and was nominated for a choreography award for Grease by the Maffra Theatrical Company. She has also danced in many productions of Grease.

Between 2006-­‐2009, Greg and Wendy lived and taught in Echuca, opening up their Echuca branch of S’Coolhouse, and then trained other teachers to take over their dance school when they returned to Gippsland in 2009. At this time, Greg and Wendy opened a dance studio in Maffra, which they ran for 3 years. To them it was a dream come true, and it enabled them to teach so many people to develop the love of dance, no matter what style. For those 3 years, their junior dancers were VRRDA champions.

Over a period of 17 years, they have enabled thousands of people to enjoy a love of dancing, and have encouraged people from so many walks of life to get up on the dance floor, and have fun!

Some of Greg and Wendy’s greatest achievements:

1. Establishing the Launceston Club.

2. Creating an opportunity for people to enjoy dancing who didn’t think they could…including those men in Heyfield!!

3. Community involvement

4. And the great friendships made through dancing.

Annette Niven VRRDA Secretary

DJ Flash (Gordon Jones) - 2016

Gordon Jones, affectionately known as DJ Flash Gordon has been a fixture of the classic Rock’n’Roll dancing scene for as long as most dancers can remember. He has made an enormous contribution, providing us with many hours of entertainment over several decades.

His love of music developed as a teenager, and he would travel into the city every Saturday morning from Clayton to add to his collection of 45s. Most of us here are… shall I say, experienced enough to know what 45s are, but I‘m sure there are many younger people here tonight who do not know what 45s are! (They were a vinyl disc that single music tracks were released on. They were called the 45 or 7-­‐inch, the name came from its play speed, 45 rpm, and the diameter, 7 inches (18 cm). They were released in 7 colours for different music styles and black was for ‘popular’ music.

Gordon loves working as a DJ promoting the music of the rock’n’roll era. He worked with DJ Jeff in the early days, was a member of Just Rock in Kilsyth, and learnt to dance at Fourmost, with Kevin, Carol, Barry and Nicky.

He is held in high regard in Melbourne and throughout regional Victoria, not only because of his consistently high quality DJ skills but also because of his friendly, warm approach. Gordon has the ability to personalise his stage presentations so that audience members feel included. He has the incredible knack of remembering names and individual characteristics. By including this information in his role as DJ, he helps to create a feeling of inclusion and this has contributed to the development of the Rock’n’Roll dance community for a considerable number of years.

Before the VRRDA started using live bands to play for the Championships, Flash Gordon was also the Association’s DJ of choice, always doing a fantastic job, and playing some great dance music.

Gordon is also noted for his wonderful fundraising efforts, and has organised events to help out families who are doing it tough, or who need a helping hand. He has also been part of the Royal Children’s Hospital Appeal on many occasions. He is a true ambassador for promoting rock’n’roll to the wider community, and I’m sure you would all agree, is one of the friendliest people you could hope to meet in our community.

As well as being a highly skilled DJ for the regular Rock’n’Roll community, Gordon has been providing dance opportunities for teenagers and young adults with special needs for many years. At his ‘Turntable Discos’ in Bayswater, Gordon has been able to provide a supportive program that encourages young people to enjoy the pleasures of this wonderful activity. He has also provided services through the Allabilities section of the community to assist people with special needs.

Some of Gordon’s greatest achievements:

1. Raising funds to send a 13-­‐year old girl, Keisha, on the trip of a lifetime with the little time she had left in this world.

2. Performing in The Big Swing @ The Forum Theatre in Melbourne.

3. Performing and acting as DJ at the Palladium Room at Crown Casino.

4. Meeting his beautiful partner, Gillian in 1982.

5. Meeting many wonderful people, and seeing their smiles and happy faces when they dance to his music.

6. And passing on his love of music and rock’n’roll.

Ladies and gentlemen, the VRRDA is honoured to induct Gordon Jones into the 2016 Hall of Fame.

Annette Niven, VRRDA Secretary

DJ Jeff (Poole) - VRRDA Hall of Fame 2017

Jeff Poole, affectionately known as DJ Jeff, has made an enormous contribution to the Rock’n’Roll dance scene, providing us with many hours of entertainment over several decades.  Jeff became interested in Rock & Roll as a dancer in the early 1970’s, dancing at the Springvale Hotel, Chelsea Hotel, and at several RSL clubs. Did you know that Jeff danced on stage at the Melbourne Glasshouse in the show “Elvis to the Max” with the band Flashback in 1988?

A long time ago… around 42 years ago, in the mid 1970s, there was a young man named Jeff who began working as a DJ between band sets at the Springvale Hotel, playing 45rpm records. Most of us here are old enough to know what 45s are, but the younger people here tonight might not even know what 45s are! (they existed long before we used CDs and downloads). Jeff loved Rock’n’Roll, and loved playing that music! He then went on to DJ at the original Mordy Rock and the South Eastern Rock’n’Roll Club between band sets.

When Jeff became older and wiser, he thought of a great idea, and started to put it into motion! In 1995, Jeff approached the Dandenong Workers Club and arranged to DJ a Rock & Roll night every second Sunday. This was the first venue that Jeff played at as a stand-alone DJ without a band. He then introduced Gordon Jones (DJ Flash) to DJ on alternate Sundays. Sunday night Rock’n’Roll at the Dandy Workers became a popular favourite with rock’n’roll dancers and it has now been running successfully for 22 years.

Jeff started up Rock’n’Roll at a variety of venues and clubs, and has helped many people learn basic rock’n’roll dancing or encouraged them to join dance classes. In 2005, Jeff and his wife Susanne started the annual Australia Day Rock’n’Roll Picnic Day at Gumbuya Park, where Jeff plays music all day. This has become a hugely popular event with dancers and car enthusiasts and attracts large audiences of over 3,000 people. Jeff has also been DJ at the Rockin’ Suzie’s Good Friday Appeal since 2006, playing his fantastic mix of music between band sets.

Over recent years, Jeff has also worked as DJ at many country festivals, and Susanne has accompanied him as MC. These include festivals such as Ballarat Rockers, the Ballarat Beat Rockabilly Festival, Club Mulwala Rock’n’Roll Festival, and Country Music Festival, the Geelong Summer Rock Festival, Ararat’s Jailhouse Rock Festival, Camperdown Cruise Rockabilly Weekend, Horsham Rockers Festival, and the Hooked On Rock dances in Gippsland. Jeff has also run an annual dance at the South Tweeds Sports Club as part of the Cooly Rocks On Festival since 2013.

Some of Jeff’s greatest achievements:

1. Sourcing a range of songs that have become popular with all styles of dancers, and that many bands then choose to play at dances.

2. Dancing as one of three couples in the very first Progressive Cha-Cha at the original Mordy Rock.

3. Having a song that Jeff played on 45 records become the first Rock’n’Roll Line Dance in Melbourne: this was Glen Miller’s ‘In The Mood’.

4. Starting up his Sunday night Rock’n’Roll at the Dandy Workers which is still running successfully after 22 years.

5. Being able to source many dance songs that dancers have then turned into Partner Dances and Line Dances e.g. Made In Japan played for The Drifter, and Upside Down played for Chicago Swing.

6. Meeting so many wonderful people, who share his love of music, swing and rock’n’roll.

Ladies and gentlemen, the VRRDA is honoured to induct Jeff Poole into the 2017 Hall of Fame.

Annette Niven VRRDA Secretary

Adrian Spadaro - VRRDA Hall of Fame 2017

Adrian Spadaro has made a considerable contribution to the Melbourne rock’n’roll scene over the past 25 years, firstly as a dance competitor, then as a dance teacher and dance promoter. Adrian started teaching rock’n’roll in 1991, and continued to teach each week in many areas around Melbourne, including Camberwell, Burwood, Coburg, and Wantirna. In the early 1990s, Adrian and Chris Black were a well-known competition couple, and together built up one of the biggest Rock’n’Roll dance schools in Melbourne. Adrian won the 1992 South Pacific Triples, and 1993 VRRDA Open Doubles with Chris Black and Terri Moon, and the 1993 VRRDA Open Teams event.

Adrian was passionate about his dancing and was keen to expand into other areas. Did you know that Adrian was instrumental in introducing Lindy Hop to Melbourne? On 20 August 1995, the first Lindy Hop workshop was held in Melbourne at Two’s Company, with dance teacher Rob Bloom (who had moved from London to Sydney). This workshop was organised by Adrian and Chris, kicking off Melbourne’s swing revival. Adrian also hosted Catrine Ljunggren, from Sweden's dance company ‘The Rhythm Hot Shots’ in December 1995, when she taught workshops with Rob Bloom. Next came a workshop and dance with Sylvia Sykes from California. In March 1996, Vic Lindy Hop was formed, run by Melbourne teachers and dancers, including Adrian, Pat Noakes, Claudia Funder and Steve Octagon. Adrian’s initial contribution to the swing dancing world in Melbourne was an important step in establishing this dance style.

Do you realise that within our rock’n’roll dance community, many of the current dance instructors started their teaching careers with Adrian? He was very good at spotting people with the potential to teach. He mentored them, encouraged them to teach and also employed some of them. Jonathon Hannon of Alley Catz, Debbie Krause of Swing Dance with Debbie, Pat Noakes of Swing Central, Rhonda Watts of Renegade Rockers, Dave Dooley, Wendy Gapper and Gavin Preston are all well-known teachers in the rock’n‘roll scene who were encouraged or mentored by Adrian. Adrian went on to run his successful Red Hot Rockers dance classes and social dances, working with many people over the years. Some people, like Little Maria, Debbie, Angelo and Jonathon, helped him run his dances, and then went on to run their own successful dances.

Did you know that a few years ago, there was an event held at the Victorian Championships called the Fast Foot event? This was lightning fast, and tested the survival skills of the best! Adrian was crazy enough to enter this event with yours truly! Not only did we win, but Adrian literally finished that event lying on the floor! This was either a testament to his great attitude to try everything at least once!! … or sheer stupidity on both our parts!!

Adrian has continued to run classes and social dances all over Melbourne for many years, currently holding classes in Surrey Hills, Coburg, and Forest Hill, making sure dancers have somewhere to go, and bands have somewhere to play. Over a period of 25 years, Adrian has taught thousands of people to dance, not only rock’n’roll, but also swing, jive, salsa, cha-cha, westcoast and line dancing. He has enabled thousands of people to enjoy a love of dancing, and has encouraged people from many walks of life to get up on the dance floor, and have fun!

Some of Adrian’s greatest achievements:

1. Running workshops in regional areas to introduce four-step Rock’n’Roll, Westcoast, Lindy and other styles, and providing the instructors with teaching videos and notes to help them teach four-step rock’n’roll.

2. Organising the first Lindy Hop workshops in Melbourne, with his partner, Chris Black.

3. Being able to bring enjoyment to so many people, demonstrated by the size of his dance classes on Wednesdays, with over 200 people attending.

4. Starting the first Rock’n’Roll dances at Coburg Town Hall, and the Whitehorse Club, and holding other dances at the Furlan Club, Glen Eira Town Hall, West Coburg Bowls, and many other venues.

Ladies and gentlemen, the VRRDA is honoured to induct Adrian Spadaro into the 2017 Hall of Fame.

Annette Niven VRRDA Secretary

Anne Truex (Hooked on Rock) - Hall of Fame 2018

The VRRDA established the Victorian Rock’n’Roll Dance Hall of Fame to recognise those special people who have made a notable contribution to Rock’n’Roll dancing over a significant period of time.

Anne Truex has been involved in promoting rock’n’roll in one form or another for many years. She began attending dance classes in 1994 held by Jeff Beck in Traralgon, learning both rock’n’roll and ballroom, and was hooked from the first minute. Anne was asked to take on Jeff’s classes for 8 months following a car accident, and then asked to permanently take the classes.

Anne also began attending Lakeside Rockers classes taught by John and Heather Jarman in Sale. In 1996, Anne opened her own dance classes in Traralgon. She created a newsletter, and the club Latrobe Rockers was established.

Anne decided in 2002 to run dance classes independently, and started teaching under the name of ‘Hooked On Rock’ in Traralgon. Peter Field helped teach the classes. Her friend Dale Holloway helped Anne with classes, naming the dance group and designing the logo.

Anne has also taught lessons in Morwell, Boolarra, Tyres, Churchill, Traralgon South and Sale, and has successfully reached out to the smaller communities in her area.

Anne has run Hooked on Rock classes and social dances for many years. She has also organised demonstrations at many community events, entertaining crowds at school fairs and community festivals, elderly citizens homes, hospitals, and business functions.

Linda Smyth - Hall of Fame 2019

Linda's Rock n Roll, Ringwood North

Linda has been involved in Rock’n’roll for 30 years. She went to her first dance lesson in 1989 and loved it. She soon had people from the dance class coming back to her house for a cuppa and dancing in her lounge room. This grew into the first Linda’s Rockers dance class at Olinda Creek Hotel in Lilydale on a Monday night. For Linda’s first class, she arrived on the Monday night (this was when hotels used to be closed on Mondays), carrying a small cassette tape recorder (remember those?), with about 20 songs, no cash tin, and no microphone. To her surprise, she had over 40 people, and it grew each week…and then it was time to get a bigger hall.

Over the years she has taught thousands to dance. Linda has also judged competitions at Rock House, Mordy Rock, Coburg, Bendigo, and some for the VRRDA. Linda also taught at Mooroolbark Seniors for a year as a community service, and has often helped charities such as McDonald House, Olivia Newton-John’s Cancer Centre, Wandin CFA, and Diabetes Australia, by holding fund-raising dances, or performing dance demonstrations. Linda’s aim has always been to look after the up and coming Rock’n’Rollers. Her Beginners have been, and still are, the most important to her. Last year, she introduced a massive 350 NEW Beginners to Rock’n’Roll (as she has done in most recent years).

Linda has continued to run her dance classes twice a week over the past year, from the side-lines, through the support of her many students, following her knee surgery and spine fracture. That shows true dedication as a teacher.

Bill and Maree Oldham - Hall of Fame 2019

Bill and Maree are founding members of the Bendigo Rockin’ 50’s Rock & Roll Club, and are fondly considered to be the heart of the club. They have helped teach thousands of people to dance at their weekly dance lessons. They have also had a lot of fun over the years participating in Dance Demos for local sports clubs, aged care homes, and church clubs, as well as dancing on floats in Bendigo’s Easter festival and in the Australia Day Rock’n’Roll show that the club has performed for Rotary for the past 25 years.

Through their leadership and involvement, the Rockin’ 50s Rock & Roll Club have held numerous Rock’n’Roll dance classes, and provided regular dance lessons to many eager learners of all ages over a period of 30 years.  Bill was Club President of the Rockin’ 50’s for a period of 9 years, including the last 4 years from 2015-2018. Between them, Bill and Maree have held key committee positions for many years, including Vice President, Treasurer, Committee Assistant, and 10 years as Ticket Officer

Jon and Zoe Hannon - Hall of Fame 2020

Ashley Lonel (DJ Ashley) - Hall of Fame 2020


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Victorian Rock and Roll Dance Association

Formed in 1991 by a coalition of rock n roll dance clubs around Victoria.  Created a set of rules for internal then interclub competition with the first VRRDA State Championships being held at Collingwood Town Hall in 1993.  The State Championships have been an annual event ever since. First President was Bruce Prest, Vice President Mark Beechey, Secretary Bridie McDevitt, Treasurer Chris Black and committe members Ray Ashby, Dee Cornish, Lyn Irvine, Alan Evans, Steve Whipps.

See the website for full list of past committee.


VRRDA dance competition 2018

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VRRDA 2018 competion held at the Hungarian Club, Wantirna, May 2018.

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Adult state title fast song.

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